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What is SCADA?

One of the basic questions you should face is what SCADA really is? If we consider Wikipedia information, SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Generally speaking, it is a program running on a computer, communicating with PLCs installed in the field.

SCADA components

The system is additionally built of components such as:

  • Hardware
    • Computers
    • PLCs/PACs/RTUs
    • Communication modules
    • IT infrastructure
  • Communication technology
    • Ethernet (profinet etc.)
    • RS232
    • RS485
    • Modbus
    • MQTT
    • OPC
    • DNP3
    • IEC 61850
    • IEC 60870 
  • Software
    • Operator interfaces
    • Engineering interfaces
    • Communication software

SCADA functions

SCADA has many tasks and functions, some of which must be fulfilled and some of them are added. 

Generally, we can separate SCADA functions:

  • Display and operate with system views (operator or operators can decide on activities throughout the entire production line from one place)
  • Display status and animations of motors, valves, sensors
  • Communicate and operating with PLC and all things connected to it e.g. motors, valves, sensors
  • Data logging of process values (e.g. temperature, pressures, positions)
  • Display trends ( printing, exporting)
  • Alarm logging (alarm, failure, error, event)
  • Display alarms (printing, exporting)
  • Control processes in local or remote localizations (some SCADA can me worldwide)
  • Allow operator to see malfunction in real-time
  • Reporting and printing specific data
  • Connection and operate with databases
  • Possible to integrate with MES and ERP
  • Long term history (Historian)
  • Integration with high-level languages (C#, .NET, JAVA, VBS)

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      Yes i know near all Siemens software including
      WinCC v7 from WinCC 6.0 to WinCC 7.6
      WinCC TIA adv pro basic
      WinCC Flexible

      Soon on my blog i’ll do more about scada WinCC 7.5 from scratch for master.


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