How do we find out the WinCC V7 version of the project? 

 February 10, 2021

By  SCADA World

Sometimes we get projects from other peoples (some backup archive like zipping.) and we don’t know exactly in which version this project was created. We need to know this before we can edit a project in WinCC Explorer.

WinCC Explorer version

First option – we have WinCC Explorer and we try open files like normal then we check information about project.
But take care – If your WinCC Explorer is in higher version than your project you can’t switch back! So you can’t install modified project into working station.To check your WinCC Explorer version:

  • open WinCC Explorer
  • in top menu go to “help”
  • open WinCC Explorer info
  • check picture ->
  • WinCC Explorer version

    WinCC Explorer version

    Working with .PDL files

    Second option – we don’t have WinCC Explorer and we have for example .zip file only.

    This option is safe for you because you work directly in Windows files.
    To check your project version follow steps below:

  • unzip project into folder on your hard drive
  • go to /project/GraCS folder
  • open this file with notepad
  • find text -> CTRL + F
  • “S a v e d”
  • File should show you excatly in which version your project was created.
  • If you need to backup your application follow this instructions.

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