What is the best SCADA system to learn for beginners?

I don’t know which HMI / SCADA one to choose?

Choose the cheapest, the prettiest, or the most interesting for you.

Sounds silly or straight?

Imagine that it doesn’t matter which SCADA system you get to know because the principle of operation is the same in all standard systems.

I recommend choosing a known supplier who has a wide spectrum of modules and extensions.

It allow you to find more fun in getting to know the whole system. 

When deciding to learn or learn about the SCADA system, focus on getting as much information as possible (available online courses, YouTube and forums) where it will be fairly easy to ask about issues that bother us.

Most of the systems offered on the market allow testing our system in the DEMO version (e.g. 2 hours of work or messages informing about the demo version).

First choose WinCC or InTouch as  learning system because the set of information and ready product demo is available on the web without fees.

Getting to know the advanced system will make it easier for us to switch to another supplier.

After a few weeks of getting to know the environment, we will be able to program.

Tricks and bugs in all SCADA systems

The work environment and “tricks” are the main differences between individual systems.

You also can’t forget about the errors and deficiencies that every system has its own.

Personally, switching between systems repeatedly had to learn the current tricks in the new versions because each system upgrade added functionality and by the way can break an element that has always worked in some specific way, etc.

You can also go in the direction of high-level languages that in the age of the Internet, digitization is gaining a large fragment of the market.

However, they are dedicated and building SCADA systems, e.g. in C # We build software from scratch and we never know if the total cost will be much higher than the solutions available on the market.

Good luck finding your favorite SCADA system!


SCADA World Founder

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