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SCADA: you must know it before first project

This book is an introduction to the SCADA world. I will guide you with all the necessary subjects everyone needs to know before starting with the SCADA journey.

①We will try to find the best concept on the question of what’s SCADA and how it’s set up.

②After all we will think about how to choose good SCADA? After all we are going to check the top 3 SCADA distributors and we check the world market.

③SCADA engineer salary is the last chapter of this book because it’s necessary to understand if the job is worth effort! What This Book Offers general introduction knowledge about supervisory systems and SCADA.

★All things are based on ten years of experience in industrial automation of automotive, aerospace, and heat treatment.

Key Topics:

  • What’s SCADA 
  • SCADA structure ( Stand alone / Server – client / Redundant servers )
  • Company structure
  • SCADA vs HMI
  • How to choose the right SCADA?
  • Does my system have the potential for SCADA?
  • How to choose the right system?
  • 10 questions you have to ask yourself before you take the SCADA system- (Databases- Communications protocols- OPC – bridge for integrations- Reports – the core of integrations- Server and virtualization- Licensing – half price of an investment- Final decision)
  • TOP 3 SCADA distributors I don’t know which one to choose?
  • SCADA – history or future?
  • Is SCADA dying?
  • Google trends analyze
  • SCADA global world market
  • SCADA engineer- a modern superhero.

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Enter the world of SCADA and remember: 

You can’t repair the world with just one SCADA!