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Learn to create SCADA that your customers will love!

 (... and which will provide you with a constant source of income!)

We help electricians, technicians and engineers learn SCADA programming and industrial automation skills so they can improve their careers and income. It does not matter if you are just starting your adventure, working as a maintenance technician or you are an automation specialist with 10 years of experience.

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Simple, cheap and complete course about WinCC v7 for a beginner. I'm waiting for the next level to get more SCADA skills

Marc Kliny

Automation is my oxygen

I learned advanced topics like wincc Sql and Excel , so can generate good reports for production and maintenance manager in my work Yes The free scripting course is biggest surprises You learn from this course practical experience leads you to produce the professional SCADA

Hassan Samir Mohamed Ahmed Elabd , Assistant section head



Complete Basic course For Wincc V7, I highly recommend this course and the instructor reply all Questions and I'm waiting for the next levels and I hope also to make two Separate courses for VB-Action and C-Actions in Wincc with a lot of Examples with instructor Experience

Amer Mohamed , Electrical engineering

Dear Mr.Lukasz,

I would like to present my appreciation to you for all of your valuable efforts and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

You really make a big difference.

Today i registered on for your SCSDA WINCC cource and I'm thrilled about it, that course is legendary and thanks a million for course.


Farshid , Automation Engineer

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