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Learn to create SCADA that your customers will love! (... and which will provide you with a constant source of income!). It does not matter if you are just starting your adventure, working as a maintenance technician or you are an automation specialist with 10 years of experience.

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The best course! A person who learns WinCC from scratch will help a lot, or gently rubbed against this program. A course at a very reasonable price. All lessons are neatly divided into topics. The lectures are very clearly presented and there is no chance that anyone would not understand WinCC! I recommend!

Janik Eckstein

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The best course I have encountered on the market. A lot of knowledge but in an orderly manner. For me, examples of how individual functions can be used in everyday professional life were valuable. I can say that the course is of unique quality. You can see a lot of work and, above all, the author's creativity. Best wishes

Hannes Runge 

So far this course has been very helpful. Just wanted to thank again. This makes it very easy to follow and understand.

John Fieldorf

It did help me in SCADA projects assigned to me. Worth it.Just go for it .I would like to learn more from Lukasz courses.Waiting for his new courses in Wincc and any other material from him. The biggest positive surprise is the layers of detail from beginner to advanced in concepts which are presented in a layman manner. I would suggest to purchase his courses to any industrial automation professional, as I think the way he put out the courses shows his passion and sincerity so that his students are getting the most benefit compared to the other courses in the market(i.e udemy etc)


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Hi, I'm Luke

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Until now Luke has 11 years of industrial experience with PLC, HMI and SCADA creation. He created over 130 SCADA  systems e.g. Simatic WinCC V7, WinCC TIA, FactoryTalk and Wonderware InTouch. He is main intructor for trainings in SCADA World.

He believes that SCADA knowledge is the best way to have a great job.


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