HMI / SCADA Programming – SIMATIC WinCC V7 (Level 1)

In HMI / SCADA Programming – WinCC V7 you create a complete stand-alone SCADA application using SIMATIC WinCC V7. Beginner guide to Siemens WinCC Explorer.

If you want to be a SCADA Engineer, Automation Engineer, or Control Engineer in the near future you have come to the right place

You will create an HMI / SCADA application from scratch.

You will learn how to use software from Siemens – SIMATIC WinCC V7.

You get access to over 9 hours of films divided into 60 short and concise fragments.

In the theoretical part, you get the basic knowledge about SCADA systems.

If you don’t have WinCC 7.5 you can get it with my other course here.

The course describes the SIMATIC WinCC 7.5 software divided into modules:

  • project management (WinCC Explorer)
  • variable and tags configuration (Tag management)
  • screens and graphics management (Graphic designer)
  • user administration (User administrator)
  • alarms, warnings (Alarm logging)
  • trends, charts (Tag logging)
  • language (Text library)
  • VBS and C scripts (Global scripts)

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After completing DIY tasks you’ll create your SCADA!

You can download my project from the last lecture.

Are you ready to enter the world of SCADA systems?

Enroll now to get your skills.


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