About me

My name is Łukasz and I have been programming SCADA Systems and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for over 10 years. 

I’m specializing in SCADA Systems for 5 years. 

Before I became a SCADA Engineer, I had to learn a lot.

I will tell you my story, I hope it will be an inspiration for you.

Programming "pasta" code

I have been interested in computers for a long time, and electronics, so choosing the direction of development was relatively easy. I chose a technical (electronic) school and an IT studies because it’s the best choice if you want to be close to computers, right?

It turned out that apart from playing with computers at home, I had little contact. 

Much emphasis on math, logic, algebra and programming (Pascal, ANSI C and some C ++). 

I realized that I didn’t want to program, I didn’t want to sit 8 hours a day and write “pasta” with code. 

Not seeing the effect of work. 

But at that time there was no alternative, I couldn’t go to study in a big city.

"pasta" code

Control cabinets and electrical diagrams

In the second and third years of my studies, I earned some extra money in the production of Control Cabinets and it was great. 

To touch the industry so real, I liked the job. It was very developmental for me. 

I learned how to read electrical diagrams.


SCADA programming

First experience in PLC and HMI programming

At some point I got a proposal to write software for SUW (water treatment station), which was being modernized nearby. I agreed without hesitation, although I did not know what to write. 

First version, second, third testing bugs – discouragement. 

But I didn’t give up, I wanted to do it right so I acted. After two months, the project was successfully completed. The company is happy and I had my first experience. Wow it was a great feeling. I wanted more.

I got another chance in which I showed that once a thing learned, you don’t forget it so easily. It went easier and there was even more energy in the results. 


First SCADA System!

In the meantime, in college, I met Wonderware InTouch 9.0 in which I later created an application for Sewage Treatment Plants and used the SPC Pro model. It was my first SCADA, pampered to the limit, it’s a pity that it was only a demo version of the entire treatment plant :). 

Maybe someday I will create such a system from scratch.

Job seeking vol.1

The next step was looking for a job, many interviews and no results. 

At one point, a large company contacted me, looking for a jobseeker. It is a pity that not a programmer but I decided that I will try because it is better to catch experience like this, especially because they promised good money and PLC and SCADA courses

It was supposed to be beautiful, but unfortunately … sight defect and the doctor’s lack of approval to work at height. The eye defect made it impossible to get a job! 

I was devastated ..

First job!

During the holiday trip, the phone rang and I was invited to the same company for another job interview. 

I say it’s probably a mistake because I just didn’t get a medical check-up but they insisted I didn’t. 

I drove. I had a meeting with my current director who x-rayed my resume and asked about things related to my experience

It turned out that creating PLCHMI and application demo projects in college was a good portfolio for him. 

I was accepted as a Junior Automation Engineer in a large prestigious company. 

I was so happy.

Too much, too fast...

What is the best SCADA system to learn for beginners?And what? Everything ended well ?

Nothing could be more wrong! 

A production company with a million of its own applications did not have time to implement the employee step by step. They showed me the desk, showed me the halls, handed over my duties. 

After 3 months of implementation, I had to change some elements in the existing application working on Wonderware InTouch 10.1 SP3 that were reported by the client as comments. It was supposed to be simple. It turned out that my colleagues working 10 years in the company were easy to believe. 

For me it was a challenge, a lot of scripts, a lot .. 

Before I found myself in one, I had to read the next one, everything was systematized, but not for a man straight after college, who barely licked his InTouch! 

I worked 12 hours to learn, to get to know. After many weeks of such work, I had enough. The dream turned into a nightmare. 

I didn’t want to go to work, maybe I was even afraid of the next day when I wouldn’t know anything.

More and more SCADA experience

Weeks passed and at some point the latch in my head unlocked, I began to understand.

I started to pursue goals. 

I got another contract as a fully-fledged Automation Control Engineer. I was programming Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC controllers, I created HMI in 

  • WinCC Flexible,
  • WinCC TIA, 
  • FactoryTalk 

I was more and more inclined to SCADA 

  • Wonderware InTouch, 
  • Siemens WinCC V7
  • FactoryTalk. 


And even more trips around the World

Lots of trips and lots of fun exploring the world. 

As an Automation Specialist, I was also needed when launching projects around the world, trips for a few weeks in South America, Asia and Europe. 

As a young man without a family, it was great.

Today, after 10 years and creating dozens of projects, I can say that automation and industry is a great topic for technical people and I would not choose a different path. 

I have great satisfaction with every successful project and with every trained employee who, like me 10 years ago, started today, has the possibility to implement step by step according to specially prepared implementation materials.

For you - future SCADA Engineer

This blog is created to help you understand and learn SCADA systems. 

You will find here systematically added materials and an injection of good words and suggestions. 

Use and stay in touch because asking questions is the best way to enter the world of SCADA in MyScadaWorld🔥 

Maybe also YoursScadaWorld?

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  1. I wanted to be a scada engineer in siemens wincc. What should i do for tgat.. I have only worked in maintenance so that i couldn’t make my own still now.

    1. Generally, you can learn on your own with youtube tutorials, you can create demo SCADA on your computer and then try to find a better job opportunity:)
      We can suggest you join our mailing list so you will get a lot of tips tricks regarding WinCC V7 and how to start from scratch 🔥

      if you have more questions just send me an email at lukasz@myscadaworld.com

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